May 3rd Forum: Keeping NC Public Schools Strong

Join public school supporters from across the state for a day of education and engagement.

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Impact of the Budget on Public Education

The passage of the 2013-15 state budget dealt a powerful and immediate blow to North Carolina’s public schools. Public Schools First NC wants to be sure you have the facts.

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Video: With Doors Open for All

NC’s equitable, diverse, and thriving public school system is being impacted by privatization efforts, including vouchers. How will programs that take financial resources and committed families out of our public schools impact the performance of those schools?

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Wear Red for Public Ed Every Wednesday!

North Carolina educators are wearing red every Wednesday to show support for students and the teaching profession. Public Schools First NC and others are doing the same. Be fashionable–wear red every Wednesday!

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Public Schools First NC is a statewide, nonpartisan organization focused solely on public education issues. We collaborate with teachers, parents, business and civic leaders, students and communities across North Carolina in support of an effective public education system that will prepare each child for life.

Strong public schools are critical for growing our economy and maintaining the vitality of our communities.  Our goal is to educate and inform North Carolinians about critical issues that impact our schools, our teachers, and students and to engage all stakeholders in supporting a quality public education system. Learn more.

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